MUGEN家具 MUGENステージシェルフ。必要に応じたサイズや形づくりができ着脱できるステージ棚が特徴。


Hello, everyone.  I am Yuki Kanki, a net shop owner of “MUGEN KAGU” selling “MUGEN Stage Shelf”,  very creative multi-functional shelves. 


MUGEN connector:


It’s expandable and extendable with the use of “MUGEN Connector”, a simple device connecting the boards strongly at once. 


Here is the movie:



Just aim and push in, and you got the shelf expanded.


now rigidly connected like a piece of wood.

strength test on expanded shelf board


MUGEN connector, size: 20.5cm x 14.4cm x T14mm.

MUGEN connector


It’s made up of 3pcs.

MUGEN connector made of 3 parts

MUGEN connector is our invention, patented world wide.

used in furniture, restaurant, diorama & others,  including Hollywood Universal Studio.


Stage board:


The shelf board to expand is called “stage board” as it becomes like a stage when expanded,  a wide open space without interruption.  


It comes in 3 sizes:  “1 lane stage board”, “2 lane stage board” & “3 lane stage board” as shown below:



1 lane stage board“,  33.8cm x 13cm, to be connected to one shelf board:

1 lane stage shelf



2 lane stage board“,  69.4cm x 13cm, to be connected to two shelf boards:

2 lane stage shelf



3 lane stage board“, 105cm x 13cm, to be connected to two shelf boards:

3 lne stage shelf



The “2 lane stage board” and “3 lane stage board” have two functions:

1. expansion: making the depth of the shelf from 14.5cm to 27.5cm(1 side) or maximum 40.5cm(2 sides).

2. extension: joinning the lanes together horizontally.


The following photos show the “3 lane stage board” expanding and extending the shelves:


connecting the “3 lane stage board”. 

joining 3 lane stage board


When connected, it becomes flush throughout the 3 lanes with depth expanded to 27.5cm from 14.5cm.

3 lane stage board connected



What makes “MUGEN stage shelf” different from other shelves?


It’s because of the “stage boards”, expandable and extendable, we can make the shelf sizes minimized to 14.5cm in depth and 37.4cm in width(1 lane) as a minimum unit, and then:   


*shelf being slim and slender, it can fit to any places in the living space, by the wall or in the middle of the room, from which it can multiply itself to any size, any shape and any alignment as is required.


*in the combination of “compartment-like-shelves by lanes” and “wide open stage on front”, various kinds of items can be stored in an orderly manner on one hand and displayed in an artistic 3D way on a spacious stage on the other.


*connecting function of “MUGEM connector” makes shelf more creative with a variety of optional parts, “corner board”, “tables” and etc. as are shown below, to an extent that it is no longer the shelf but the creative tools by which everyone can create the object he wants in his own way.



optional parts:


Corner board“, 33.8cm x 33.8cm x T1.8cm:

This will make the shelf bend at perpendicular along with the wall corner of the room or in the middle of the room.


corner shelf board



“Corner board” can be fixed with dowels+screw bolts, when the shelf is put up at the corner of the room.

corner shelf



“Corner board” is fixed with dowels+screw bolts+stage board(s), when the shelf is put up in the middle of the room.  One reason is to make the edge corner round with stage board, and the other is to make it stronger & wider.  On this photo below, the above one is fixed with one stage board and the below one with two stage boards.

corner display


one stage board is added to the corner board, making the corner round.

corner shelf




Shelf board with 2 connector bases, 33.8cm x 14.5cm xT1.8cm:

This has two connector bases on one shelf board and therefore the stage board can be fixed on both sides.


connecting on both sides



Both sides leg“, 33.5cm x 5.5cm x 3.6cm:

Use this leg when the shelf is put up in the middle of the room.


leg for partition, screen



This photo below is the “cat tower“, where we use the “shelf board with 2 connector bases” (2nd from the bottom) and “both sides leg“.


cat's tower






Table with panel leg“, 85cm x 35.5cm x H67.7cm., T=1.8cm:

It has the connector base fixed on the table board and can be connected to the shelf board:


panel table with connector



The table can be connected like this.

connecting the table


It becomes desk when connected.

shelf and table connected into desk




Table with pole leg “, 85cm x 35.5cm x H23.4, 45, 67.7cm., T1.8cm:

This table can be adjusted in height in 3 ways(23.4cm, 45cm, 67.7cm).


pole leg table


Table with pole leg, height: 67.7cm.

table connected with shelf into pc desk


On this photo, the table height of the pole leg table is 45cm and the panel leg table 67.7cm.

partition shelf with two tables connected, desk sharing






 With the following photos, you can get more idea about what “MUGEN stage shelf” can do and help you create things you want:


Basically it’s made up of simple basic parts: pillar+shelf board+stage board, each part dependant on each other but structurally independent to prop up the structure as is required by simply fastening the screw bolts or joining the stage boards.  So anything you make will structurally be stable regardless of its size or shape, if it comes with such basic parts as stopper board(1 in every 3 lanes) and legs as is required. 


More simple and small in basic, more creative it will become, that is a concept of MUGEN stage shelf.



We have four basic sets. 

They are:


MUGEN stage shelf 1 lane standard set priced at J.Y.9,800.- (or abt.US$89.10 subject to ex.rate) without transportation fee:

This set includes 1pc. “1 lane stage board”.


one lane shelf




MUGEN stage shelf 2 lane standard set priced at J.Y.15,900.- (or abt.US$144.55 subject to ex.rate) without transportation fee:

This set includes 1pc. each of  “1 lane stage board” and “2 lane stage board”.


two lane shelf




MUGEN stage shelf 3 lane A standard set priced at J.Y.21,000.- (or abt.US$190.90 subject to ex.rate) without transportation fee:

This set includes 2pcs. “3 lane stage board”.


3 lane stage shelf a set


3 lane stage shelf A set




MUGEN stage shelf 3 lane B standard set priced at J.Y.22,500.-(or abt.US$204.55 subject to ex.rate) without transportation fee:

This set includes 1pc. each of “1 lane stage board”, “2 lane stage board” & “3 lane stage board”.


3 lane stage shelf B set


3 lane stage shelf B set






Now let’s show you the unique designs that only “MUGEN stage shelf” can do with ease :



Display :


shelf with unique display


shelf with unique 3D display


2 lane shelf with unique 3D display




Partition :


partition shelf, sharing shelf


partition shelf


partition, sharing, SOHO





Sharing :


sharing shelf, sharing desk


shelf with counter table


sharing table, partition





Cat’s walk, cat’s tower :


cat's walk shelf, cat's tower shelf


cat's tower shelf, cat's house





 home Bar counter corner :


tea room, bar counter, display shelf


partition, shelf with desk, bar corner





Study :


collection room, study, SOHO


study, den, collection room, SOHO







office room, partition, study, working room, SOHO


working room, SOHO, study





Garden :


flower rack, flower shelf


flower rack, flower pot shelf


garden shelf, garden rack, flower pot rack


garden pot shelf, garden flower pot shelf




We have a net shop in Japan, MUGEN家具, and  URL, which however is limited for customers within Japan. 


So, for those interested in our products of “MUGEN Stage Shelf”, either as an end-user or as a distritutor, please contact us direct at our email address:, and we can find a way to supply them to you.


thank you.





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